CHF 39.00

The ultimate recovery formula!

With dextrose and maltodextrin
Contribution of 33% of protein
Enriched with CREATINE and TAURINE

The ideal refill after your training session!

Taken immediately after training, AFTER FUEL promotes glycogen recharge and decreases muscle catabolism induced by the stress of training.

After Fuel replenishes muscles with these 60% of carbohydrates in the form of dextrose and maltodextrin and these 33% of proteins of high biological value (whey protein). After Fuel does not contain fructose because this form of carbohydrate cannot be transformed into muscle glycogen!

The Creatine monohydrate 5% promote the maintenance of phosphocreatine levels in the muscle, thus helping to maintain sufficient ATP (primary energy source of the muscle) during muscle contraction. The Taurine 2% (an amino acid with important functions in the metabolism of carbohydrates) exerts an effect comparable to that of insulin and thus promotes the penetration of nutrients at the cellular level. Aspartame free.ISO 22000 quality: MAXIMUM food safety.


Ingredients: Vanilla: dextrose protein whey concentrate, dehydrated glucose syrup, creatine monohydrate (5.0%), taurine (2.0%), flavor, sweetener: sucralose. Chocolate : dextrose, protein whey concentrate, cocoa (heavily defatted), creatine monohydrate (5.0%), dehydrated glucose syrup, taurine (2.0%), flavor, sweetener: sucralose. Mango: dextrose, protein whey concentrate, dehydrated glucose syrup, creatine monohydrate (5.0%), taurine (2.0%), flavor, acidifier: citric acid, food coloring: beetroot, color: beta-carotene, sweetener: sucralose.

Usage tips: 1 g per kg of body weight (1 scoop = 30 g). To be mixed with 3 dl of water in a shaker.

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