CLA 1000MG

CHF 22.90

  • Natural support for weight management
  • Sourced from Premium Grade CLA Fatty Acid
  • Rich in unsaturated fats
  • Great Dosage 1000mg

CLA or CLA is a natural fat burning reduction formula while maintaining lean muscle mass. Another great benefit of CLA is that it can be taken without interruption. This supplement is ideal for any athlete who needs to reduce body fat while maintaining lean muscle.


What is CLA? CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is an omega 6 fatty acid with multiple beneficial effects. It is a fabulous antioxidant. CLA promotes muscle mass at the expense of fat mass. Indeed, and as surprising as it may seem, it is a fatty acid that helps you lose fat.

CLA is an excellent ally to allow you to control your figure! Combine with PERFECT LINE BURNER for an accelerated effect.

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