CHF 10.95

1 MixKing SHAKER 600 ml with 250 ml compartment

1 large pillbox (16 x 14 cm)

1 small pillbox (13 x 8 cm)

Set Buchsteiner - Made in Germany

With this set, you will have everything you need for your health preparations!

Original Buchsteiner MixKing Shaker®: The perfect option for mixing all kinds of drinks such as protein, isotonics, meal replacements or any other liquid.

MixKing with a volume of 600 ml / ccm (20 Oz), offers enough space to stir the liquid well. With 2 measurement scales (ml / ccm and oz) integrated directly on the shaker for precise measurements. An integrated grid allows the powder to be perfectly mixed with the liquid.

A compartment is aimed at the bottom of the shaker to allow you to take extra powder or to store tablets.

MixKing is made of high quality raw materials that respects all the rules related to food contact.

MixKing Shaker is ideal for transport and storage. It is microwave safe, can be cleaned in the dishwasher and is 100% recyclable.

The pill organizers will allow you to organize your supplements into tablets and capsules.

Qualité Buchsteiner - Made in Germany