L-ORNITINE 2000 (60 caps)

CHF 31.90

Stimulates the natural production of growth hormones
Contributes to the destocking of fats
Building and maintaining muscle mass
Skin and tissue health


Ornithine is a nonessential amino acid precursor of growth hormones. Ornithine is particularly useful in athletes for its ability to improve protein synthesis, which reduces muscle catabolism, and helps increase muscle mass.

Ornithine plays a central role in the urea cycle. In men, L-ornithine is formed from L-arginine when urine is passed through urea. It has a detoxifying role and therefore contributes to the health of the liver. It also contributes to the cellular detoxification of ammonia in the urea cycle. According to the arguments of scientists, insomnia is primarily related to the toxicity of ammonia for the brain. This is why taking ornithine promotes good night's rest.

Use: 4 capsules per day with a little water